Wouldn't it be cool if there was a tribe that helps you get more of what you want outta life?

Well, there is! It's called The Sweet Simple Life Tribe.

I'm in!

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I guarantee major light bulbs will go on for you as you journey with Trisha. She is highly trained, skilled, and passionate about helping others move into and manifest a journey of their deepest heart’s desire (one they may not even realize exists yet!).


Trisha taught me that being an artist isn’t about painting a pretty picture – it is about connecting to the desires that live in your heart, and discovering how to bring them out into the world. She has helped me to become a powerful magnet for the experiences I need to build the life I dream of living, which has over and over again proven itself to be the best investment that I have ever made.


Trisha is an inspiration as she truly lives what she teaches every single day. Trisha genuinely cares and wants women to succeed in finding and manifesting their heart’s desires in order to live life with no regrets.


It was an honor to work closely with you. Your ability to help other women see their gifts by using yours is more than inspiring. It’s love.

Happy Heart

Trisha is gentle and quiet, but what she draws out of me during our sessions – this is how I describe it – a scream from my heart that can’t be ignored anymore! Once my mind has the clarity she encourages me to see – there is no turning back. My life is changed forever for the better with her navigating me toward my heart’s desires with my family and my business!