Hey you, welcome!! I’m Trisha – a mom to young adult daughters, a wife (+20yrs), and a creative woman who truly believes that whatever lifestyle your heart desires, you can live it! The Peony Lifestyle is my vision of what my heart desires to enjoy in my day to day life!

After 24 years of working as a government employee, with the loving support of my hubs, I quit my job back when our 2 daughters were still young.

I had always been interested in self-help, a little woo, and the law of attraction, so in my spare time while the girls were at school I delved deep into an intensive Creative Journal Expressive Art and Visioning Coach Certification program.

Using what I learned in my own life to create overall well-being, abundance, and experience my own heart’s desires, working around my fams schedules, I started a business coaching & facilitating visioning/personal growth workshops all over the country. I even became an Amazon #1 Best Selling International Author by being a part of this book, Bold Is Beautiful.

Having my own biz helping people rock their heart’s desires was way cool until it wasn’t anymore. So I let it go a few years ago.

Now I’m home full time and even though my young girls are now 22 & 17 years old with full lives, and my handsome hubs of 23 years is still climbing that corporate ladder, so he’s one busy guy – I love keeping our home life sweet and simple!

But I’m not gonna lie, as much as I love love love being home, sometimes I crave more connection, so hanging with you on Instagram where I share stories and pics would be great – just click here. And if you want to read my fresh articles when I write ’em (no promises on how many times I’ll write per month), sign up below!

Can’t wait to connect with YOU! Trisha xo

P.S. My fave flower is the Peony, hence the name of my blog, The Peony Lifestyle! I’ll share more as time goes about my deep connection and love for the essence of this flower and what it means for me and my life.

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